Sharing my journey with you

Below you can find the different blogposts I’ve written over the years. I have been sharing my experiences for you and for myself ❤️

Life Update❤️

So we are at the start April which means my birthday is coming up again. I never imagined I would be celebrating my 21st and my 22nd birthday both in lockdown. But, it is going to be reality. Great? Absolutely not. Will we make the best of it? Hell yeah! And on a brighter note,Continue reading “Life Update❤️”


Class of 2020🎓

Oh where do I start? My final year of European Studies was very different than I imagined it to be to say the least. I had some issues finding/starting my internship but I found the best internship spot I could’ve imagined at the European Journalism Centre (EJC) under the supervision of Nikki. I really haveContinue reading “Class of 2020🎓”

Second wave, here we go

Well, it has started. The second wave. And honestly, I think that everyone who has been realistic about the Covid pandemic, knew that the second wave was coming. Last night, 28th of September we received the news that there were new rules coming for the whole of The Netherlands. Which suck. And that wasn’t theContinue reading “Second wave, here we go”


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