Life Update❤️

So we are at the start April which means my birthday is coming up again. I never imagined I would be celebrating my 21st and my 22nd birthday both in lockdown. But, it is going to be reality. Great? Absolutely not. Will we make the best of it? Hell yeah! And on a brighter note, I have some amazing news to share which is…..

Starting the 1st of May, I will be working as a HR Associate at Flash, Maastricht-Aachen Airport! 🤓 From the moment I left my job at Jan Linders, I’ve known my time has been limited with the EJC and I decided to start looking for my next challenge in the world of HR. Little did I know that this would go a lot quicker and that I would be leaving the organisation almost 2 months earlier than I had expected when I signed my contract with the EJC. But it’s okay, it’s meant to be this way. I am sure of it. I will be working with a motivated and driven HR team who are committed to supporting and guiding me to the next level which I know that I can achieve. 💪🏼

But before I start at Flash, I will start a Post-HBO in Human Resources! 📚 I decided that I want to further build on the HR foundation that I have developed over the year by complementing it with a degree. I did not feel like being a full time student again so I opted for an e-learning Post-HBO of 3 months. So it will be a lot for me during those 3 months, but anyone who knows me knows that I like a challenge!

Doing all these things and starting all these adventures is exciting but also daunting. Will I be good enough? Will I succeed? Am I making a mistake by leaving the EJC early? These are all thoughts I have had and I would’ve given a lot to be able to talk these decisions through with my mom and get her perspective on things. Even though that isn’t possible I know that she would’ve said; ‘As long as you feel good with your decision, it will be okay.’ 💭

And I feel this is the way my life is supposed to go now. This will be an interesting journey but in the end it will all be worth it.

The last few days with this amazing weather we’ve had, have been amazing. My mood is better and I’m outside more enjoying the weather. And I hope you’ve been enjoying it as well ☀️

I hope you all are doing okay and stay safe everyone❤️




One thought on “Life Update❤️

  1. Lieve Anna, van harte gefeliciteerd met je nieuw job. Hartstikke goed dat je een nieuwe uitdaging aangaat en dan ook nog weer een studie erbij doet. Knap hoor 👍
    Het gaat snel zo!
    We wensen je heel veel succes, zet ‘m op.
    Lieve groet van Hans en Carola 😘

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