Class of 2020🎓

Oh where do I start? My final year of European Studies was very different than I imagined it to be to say the least. I had some issues finding/starting my internship but I found the best internship spot I could’ve imagined at the European Journalism Centre (EJC) under the supervision of Nikki.

I really have to say I learned a lot and I love working with everyone at the EJC. Then during all that, of course, Covid happened. I started my internship working from home without having seen 90% of the people of the EJC. After a few months, we went back to the office (part-time) so I finally got to meet some of the people face to face. Everyone was so kind and we had some really nice days at the office. By the end of my official internship, I had the best time with Nikki, ate the best pokébowls from Holy Bowly (multiple times) and felt like part of the team. All that was left to do, was passing my thesis and graduating from ES.

But we all know by now, that did not happen the way it was supposed to. I had to change some things, rewrite some parts and add some missing information in order to pass my thesis. So I did all that, handed it in for a second time. And…..

I PASSED. I officially graduated from ES on the 15th of October! Which means goodbye studying and hello real life!

Now, during these Covid times things are a little bit more difficult. So looking for a job will be interesting. However, I am blessed to be able to be part of the EJC part time and to combine it with my Team Leader job at the Jan Linders. Therefore, I do not have to worry about money whilst searching. That being said; if anyone has some tips or knows people who can help me during my search for a job in the HR field, let me know!

To end this, I want to take my hat off to all students who graduated this year. Class of 2020, it has been hard but we made it. 👏🏼🍾🎓

Love ,



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