Second wave, here we go

Well, it has started. The second wave. And honestly, I think that everyone who has been realistic about the Covid pandemic, knew that the second wave was coming. Last night, 28th of September we received the news that there were new rules coming for the whole of The Netherlands. Which suck. And that wasn’t the only news which sucked over the last few weeks (last month), because I received the news that I hadn’t passed my thesis. This meant that I had to change a few things and send in my thesis one more time. If I fail now, I have to write a complete new thesis with a new subject. This news it something I did not wanted to share here but I had the deal with myself to stay honest and truthful. And honestly, so many people do not pass their thesis the first time. This is reality and the reality is that there is not only a second wave going on but also a second try.
Please, cross your fingers and toes for me that I pass my thesis!

Now, the past few weeks we were able to enjoy some more normal things. Together with my fellow musicians of the orchestra we did a small covid proof concert of about 45 minutes. It went really well, as did my solos! I was so happy to feel some sort of normalcy but now with the second wave….. The offices are closing again, cafes and restaurants have to close at 10 pm and other measures are coming back. It makes me sad but it is necessary! Today, I had my last day in the office of the EJC where I am able to stay on as an Intern until the end of the year which gives me more experience and time to learn even more! I hope we will get to go back again in the foreseeable future but I am preparing to work from home all throughout fall and winter.

But I have to say, I am more prepared to work from home now than I was during the first months of Covid. I have a separate working space with all my stuff in one place so I have an ‘office’. Yet I will miss my time at the office and especially the chatting together with Nikki but also eating our favourite poke bowls from Holy Bowly. My advice for everyone reading from Maastricht: go get yourself a poke bowl from them and your world will be forever changed!

Now on to a happier note; I am so glad that fall has started! I love the cozy nights with a fluffy blanket and the candles burning whilst reading a good book. Whilst writing this, I’m wrapped up in a fluffy blanket with my favourite candles burning, I love it! And even though the year flew by due to lockdown and the crazy times which we’re in, I am so looking forward to Christmas! I know, I know, it isn’t even October yet?! But I am a 100% Christmas fanatic who loves herself some early Christmas vibes all throughout fall. And honestly, we can use the Christmas cheer in these times, don’t we?

So, I hope everyone is healthy and doing okay. If you don’t feel well and have symptoms, get tested! And otherwise, bring on autumn and enjoy the cozy nights!




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