The Lockdown Continues…

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” – Sun Tzu

As I am writing this, I was supposed to be in Boston right now. It is so surreal to think that the world looked so different 3 months ago. I was really looking forward to our vacation in the USA but we have known for about 1.5 months now that the vacation will be pushed back to next year. When next year? We have no clue. I mean, we have a few ideas when to go but it all depends on how the Covid-19 situation continues, not only in The Netherlands but everywhere in the world but most of all also in the USA. ✈️

I have to say that I believe there are a few tiny advantages to the quarantine/lockdown due to Covid-19; people start to appreciate their ‘normal’ life more, they put in more effort to see their family in a safe way and the time you do have with people is seen as precious. Personally, I started to work out more, thanks to amazing Simone (my niece-in-law) who does live-stream and on-demand workouts! I really like it and I started to be more productive. I feel like I have my sh*t together right now and I love it! I mean I kind of have no choice since I have my internship which is full-time, I have my job in the weekend (which means; weekend? What is that?) and of course, I live together with Joey so the house work is also part of my life. And I have to say the balance is there! 💪🏼

My internship is going very well. I really like working and supporting the HR manager where I can. This is all whilst I am working on my thesis because oh right, I am graduating this summer and the thesis is the final step to retrieving my bachelor degree, alongside my internship of course.

I realise it sounds like I am loving quarantine and believe in a way I do but I do miss going out for dinner, meeting up with friends, going away for a day of shopping and much much more. However most things I can do digitally! So, my friends and I have met up via skype/zoom or whatsapp video to chat the night away a few times now. And I sometimes meet up 1-1 in my house with a friend to do something nice; bake, cook or drink together and enjoy each others company.

Something I like to do to get out of the house is to go on evening walks with Joey. Once or twice per week, we walk through Heerlen (where we live) and each time we have a nice 30/40 minute walk where we chat and talk about things we think about or what the future holds. But I have to say one of my favourite things to do to clear my head is to do a sudoku before I turn the lights off to go to sleep. It is proven that it is better for your eyes but also for your sleep if you don’t use your phone or any screen at least 30 minutes before going to bed. 😴

I do want to point out that it is okay if you have anxiety over this whole Covid-19 situation and maybe you feel pressured to be productive. But honestly, I have my days/nights where all I do is watch Netflix and eat snacks. It is okay to not be ‘productive’ because it isn’t a contest. 😘

Since the last post, we have had the 5-year anniversary of the earthquake in Nepal which changed my life. This time it was a Saturday, just like in 2015. The day was intense as it started with a digital meetup with people from all around the world. Together we remembered, shared and honoured our loved ones. It was emotional but so comforting to have people who can understand my pain to a certain degree. I am very grateful for my world family. ❤️

A few days after the 25th of April, I lost my great aunt to a mixture of diseases and due to her old age as well. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to say our goodbyes before she passed, which is very sad. I miss her but I am glad she has some peace now. She deserves that and so much love. She is and was a fighter with an incredible life story. 💫

I hope everyone is staying safe and no one has lost someone in these hard times because saying goodbye during a pandemic is not the same and won’t be the way you want it to be.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy.




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