‘The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – that’s all that matters
~ Audrey Hepburn

The world has changed so much since I have posted last. The COVID-19 situation has taken control of our daily lives and nothing is ‘normal’ anymore. The last time I posted, I was still applying for a new internship position. And now, I finished my fourth week of my internship! I was so fortunate to have found an internship position at the European Journalism Centre, a non-profit organisation working for journalists, to help them and to build resilience into journalism. They give out grants, train journalists and organise events. All in collaboration with different funders who make it possible to give out the grants.

I am an HR intern as I wanted when I was searching for an internship. I help on all fronts, work on policies, do legislative research concerning contracts and just help support the HR manager where I can. And honestly, I love it! However, the internship is still very different to what I expected. Due to Covid-19, everyone is working from home and not from the office. I have been to the office once before they closed, it is a very open space and I would’ve loved to have the experience there. Yet, I am grateful. I am grateful I could even start with my internship and they could on board me during these challenging times.

Last Monday I turned 21 and this was also very different than what I had thought of the last year. I wanted to do a party and wanted to be looking forward to our USA trip yet all of this didn’t and won’t happen. I had a lovely internship day and lovely evening at home. My boyfriend and I ordered sushi and ate so much! I video called with my brothers and dad, they sang happy birthday to me with the proper delay which was funny to hear. I miss them. A lot. The hardest thing however, was accepting that I won’t be seeing my big brother in the US in a month. Covid-19 has made it almost impossible to travel and if we could, we wouldn’t. Now, we don’t know when we will be able to travel but it will be even that more special once we can and will.

I mean, I am writing these things but way worse things are happening. People are losing their jobs, businesses have to close or get into financial troubles, people die and people risk their lives everyday to save and help others. Personally, I work in an essential sector as well; the supermarket. The things happening there everyday are so diverse and shocking at the same time. In one day you go from having the sweetest customer giving every worker a tulip as a thank you to a customer threatening to drive a truck into the store so you would have more than 1.5 metres of space. Work is a rollercoaster and each day is so much more different than the last. I am thankful to have a hard working team and friends at work which still makes work fun, even though it is challenging at times.

Please, be kind to the workers, doesn’t matter what sector.

I don’t get out much. I only go to the grocery store, go for a short walk with my boyfriend or go to work but that is it. I hope everyone is staying inside. People had to go to fight a war to protect their families and we have to stay inside. That isn’t that difficult, is it?

Stay home, Stay safe, Stay healthy




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