Don’t give up

Some mistakes get made, that’s alright, that’s okay. In the end it’s better for me. That’s the moral of the story’
~ Moral of the Story, Ashe

Well, it has been a while and where do I start? First of all, I finished my Minor on Human Rights and geez that was a nerve racking exam I had to make! But, I passed it, so the only thing between me and my Bachelors degree is my thesis and internship!

So, most of my classmates have started their internship and are almost on a fourth of their time already however, I haven’t started yet…. I was supposed to start on the 17th of February at a company which promised me a great learning experience along with an assignment which I could base my thesis on! That was my dream package; doing an HR internship with an assignment being the base for my thesis however, things went different as planned. Mistakes were made and it turned out they couldn’t fund my internship and couldn’t keep some of the promises which were made. This resulted in an unexpected end of an internship which hadn’t even started yet.

Since then, I have been applying and I am looking for a new internship and I have learned from my own mistakes and I am checking everything that went wrong before, before starting the official procedure. In the meantime, I am working extra hours at my job and I have to say that I am quite grateful for my boss for being flexibel enough to give me extra hours so I am not sitting at home 5 days a week. Working has been a welcome distraction and it made me realise that I am very curious how a ‘desk’ job will be in comparison to working in a supermarket where you are walking, carrying and organising a lot of things and barely being behind the computer.

Honestly, I was really disappointed that my internship got cancelled however, in the end, it was probably better for me. (I didn’t think of it like that during that moment…) It showed me some things which I have to check for myself and has thought me not to trust people on their word when it comes to certain aspects of your internship/future.

So moral of the story, I’m doing well and I have been looking for a new internship and a better fit for me will come along! Those few extra months before I get my degree, I can live with.

Trust that things happen for a reason. If one door closes, another opens.




One thought on “Don’t give up

  1. Ha Anna, we bewonderen je moed en doorzettingsvermogen! Véél succes met het vinden van de juiste stageplaats.
    Binnenkort gaan jullie naar Benedikt, héérlijk! Alvast een hele goede reis en veel plezier toegewenst. Doe hem onze hartelijke groeten.
    Hopelijk gaat het corona virus geen roet in het eten gooien. We duimen voor jullie 🤞
    Liefs van Hans en Carola 💋


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