My second family

Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours ~ Elton John

I have been with my mom in the music orchestra for years before she passed and since I started playing the orchestra has been my second family. Mum was loved within the orchestra.

The whole of the orchestra did something very special for my family and I , they played during her service in the church. And the way they played for her. For us, it was incredible. It was definitely one of their best performances ever.

Every year I watch the musical parts of the service at least a few times. It is very emotional and I cry literally every time. However, I am so grateful that they have done that, I don’t know how the rest of my family feels about it (now 4.5 years) later but it gives me comfort. Listening back, getting the feeling back of how amazed I was by the orchestra. Until this day I have no idea how they all could’ve played so beautifully when they were mourning Mum as well.

During the service, at the beginning, I played with them for 1 song: ‘You raise me up’. And I have to say, that was all the strength I had. I could’ve never played the entire service.

They are my second family. They have comforted me over the last 4.5 years and no matter what, if I couldn’t make it for some reason, they made sure that it was okay. Until this day, some people still say; we are so glad that you didn’t quite playing the saxophone. And honestly, so am I. The memories I have made with them are priceless.

So, Harmonie St.Callistus of Terwinselen, Kerkrade…


I have decided to share to short bits of moms service over on my instagram, so if you want to have a listen, head to my instagram.

I believe their support helped me amongst others, through the most difficult time in my life and if you have a hobby like me with my saxophone. Keep going and if they are your second family like they are with me, then they will get you through those moments without a doubt.




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