I’ll be there someday, I can go the distance
I will find my way if I can be strong
I know every mile would be worth my while
~ Go the distance, Hercules

When thinking of survivors you think of people who have survived cancer, an auto crash or any other traumatic event. However, so many people do not think of people who have lost a parent, brother, child or any other person close to them. Living with the grief is surviving as well. Dealing with the loss and pain everyday, is surviving. Continuing and even succeeding at life, is surviving.

Next to the fact that I have survived the earthquake in Nepal, I consider myself a survivor for continuing and, in my opinion, succeeding at life. I’m not the only person who has survived the earthquake or anything but people don’t see themselves as survivors or special for doing so. It is the instinct to continue which makes you special.

To give myself a constant reminder that I’m allowed to be proud of myself, I decided about a year ago to get my second tattoo; survivor on my left underarm. I have posted a picture on my instagram, on which can click on the homepage of my blog.
It is really comforting to see it on days where I feel insecure, stressed or just need a reminder that I have been through so much. But it is true. I am a survivor.

Now, I’m not saying; get a tattoo! But make sure that you remind yourself every once in a while that you are special, you are a survivor and you are down right special! That can be through a tattoo, if you want to, but it can be something else as well; a quote on the wall, a picture or anything that you deem fit. Because no matter what anyone will ever tell you, you are unique, special and worth it. When you are doubting yourself, look at your reminder and think of how far you have come in life. Because you have.




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