Surreal life

‘If you have a surreal life like I do, you’ve got have fun along the way’ ~ Victoria Beckham

Imagine being on vacation, lying on the beach with your eyes closed and thinking of a life that could’ve been…. Having a house with your life partner, a little family; with kids or animals or both. Creating your life for the future and working your butt off to go to graduations in the United States and going on holiday afterwards. Being at home; doing the dishes and cleaning, just to have your parents knocking on the door for just a little bit of coffee and a chat…. Only to wake up and to realise that everything you thought of is true except for the fact that it aren’t your parents knocking on the door but your partners parents. This is my reality and it feels surreal, painful but also amazing.

To have a own household is challenging and I won’t be the first one to admit it; having a steady routine is difficult especially in the summer when there is no structure. However, I do love having my own household and working for it… Cleaning and getting things organised is such a good and satisfying feeling. In the back of my head I always think of things which my mom could’ve said in certain situations.

Situations like; doing the dishes and complaining about it. My mom would’ve said; ‘putting the dishes in the dishwasher at home looks like such a privilege now doesn’t it?’ I always smile and think yes, mom it is and I appreciate it a lot more now. I miss her and hearing her voice feels like ages ago but I know she is proud me and of the way I am battling on.

This life is surreal, but and I have said this before, I wouldn’t want it any other way; this is my household and life now. The feeling of working hard and seeing the results is so good. And the best thing is to plan big and happy things to look forward to!

My next big thing which is planned is the fact that my boyfriend and I have just booked a trip to the United States for May 2020 which I am super excited about!! The first HUGE own trip with someone I love deeply is so exciting. This is something I’ve been saving up for and looking forward to since 2018. This is something to keep yourself going and something to reward myself with.

The life you live and the household you will have is all up to you. And wherever life takes you, it is meant to be that way.




One thought on “Surreal life

  1. Lieve Anna, iedere keer als ik jouw blog lees ben ik verrast over hoe mooi jij alles wat jou bezig houdt, zó mooi kunt verwoorden. Het ontroert me altijd weer.
    Veel liefs en dikke knuffel,

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