‘Brother and sister, together as friends, ready to face whatever life sends‘ ~ Robert Brault

Let’s talk about the bond between brother and sister. I can write you one big piece on the love I feel for my brothers but that hasn’t always been the case. We faught when we were younger and hell we still fight sometimes on subjects we don’t agree on. That is okay. We can be the perfect picture of siblings and be full of love for each other but there have been moments where I would want to shake my brothers so hard that they would wake up from whatever they would be doing at that point.

But I am not kidding when I say that I love my brothers to an extend which is only imaginable unless you are literally me. My brothers are everything to me, they have been one big rock for me.

With one brother living in the States and the other in Amsterdam, I can say that even though we have a long distance ‘relationship’ as siblings we have been stronger than ever.

One beautiful but sad thing that came from my mother passing, is the fact that my bond with my brothers has grown to a completely new level. A level which I never helt possible. For instance, I am saving up for a huge trip to the States next year to visit my brother for his graduation ceremony of his bachelor degree. I would’ve always wanted to go but honestly, I don’t know if I would be saving this strictly and excited as I am now. I think people go crazy of me talking about the trip with the excitement I have. I literally cannot wait until it is May 2020.

Another example of our extraordinary bond is the fact that my oldest brother stayed with my boyfriend and I for 3 days to join us for Pinkpop this year. The fun we had that weekend was out of control. We drank, danced, laughed and cried. We shortly skyped spontanously with my other brother in the States and then went on drinking and dancing.

I have to say it took a while and a lot of growing up to establish the bond we have today. We ‘worked’ for it. We, all three of us, put in the work. I never say things like; I know mom would have loved this’ but with the bond we have as her children. I am sure she is proud of us and everything we have achieved.

This bond, we have formed over the years, is something I am really proud of. I can honestly say; I have the best brothers on this planet.

Cherish the bonds you have and work for them because love is also work. Love is love and brothers and sisters are bounded by blood ánd love.



My brothers and I Skyping from three different time zones for my 19th birthday last year

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