‘One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.’ ~ Bob Marley

It has been about a month since I last wrote for you all. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I had some very busy weeks.

Honestly, when it comes to music I think I could write a book about how music has affected my life, my mental health and my grieving. I won’t do that here. Last weekend, I was at Pinkpop, which is a huge festival in Landgraaf, and my mothers favourite band, Elbow, played on the Saturday. I had never seen them live before and I was dreading it but also so excited I couldn’t even think about anything else.

In 2015, when my mom passed away, Elbow played as well but I only went for one day that year and they played on another day. I was so sad, no devastated actually, that I couldn’t see them live.

This year however, they came again and I was determined to go and see them. My oldest brother came and stayed with me and my boyfriend, went with us to the festival and felt the same. We would go together and love the band which mom loved so much. So, that is what we did, we went. We cried a big part of the concert and could see why our mother loved them so much.

I have a playlist dedicated to my mom or rather the loss of her. I know it sounds weird, it feels weird writing it. But, it is true, it is the playlist I listen to when I’m sad or when I feel like remembering my mom specifically the memories that she gave me.

It is such a nice feeling, knowing that I have one specific playlist which I can play whenever I feel like I need those songs. They comfort me, but I always cry. I know I cry when I listen to these songs and I am completely fine with that. Sometimes I just need to let it out.

If you want to listen to the playlist, search: Anna-Sophie Dorweiler on Spotify and the playlist is called: heart and star (emojis)

Music can comfort you in time of need and make you smile whenever you feel like you need it.




One thought on “Music

  1. Bijzondere ervaring zal het voor je geweest zijn en erg fijn dat je deze ervaring hebt kunnen delen met je broer en Joey groetjes José van Wim en Anky 🙂

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