Appreciation Post

I want to do this section once a month where I want to give a shoutout to one of the people who helped me through the last couple of years.
I want to start this off with a post about one of my brothers.

In the picture, you can see one of my older brothers, Ben. He lives in the United States and goes to college there. I have not seen him in two years now and it has been hard for both of us.

He has been proud and protective of me for as long as I can remember. After losing mom, we became closer than ever. After the loss of mom, my brother struggled but we helped eachother and have been going through the pain together. We skype regularly and we cry almost every time because we miss each other. Seeing the proud looks on his face, have made me become determined to succeed at school.

For all the brothers out there who have lost someone, the loss will not define you if you don’t let it. Built your relationships stronger than ever and you will become happy again.

To my brother;

I am very proud of you, more than you could ever imagine.
Thank you for everything, thank you for being an example, thank you for being you.

I love you.

Your little sis

My amazing brother

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