After you lose someone, you know that you are going to experience important milestones without them. For me, since the loss of my mother, there have been a few…. The hardest one was defenitely graduating from my high school and passing my Cambridge C1 Level Exam.

The part that makes it so hard, also makes the moment so precious. You are being rewarded for something you’ve been working really hard for. I went to the Sintermeertencollege in Heerlen for 6 years and the final 1.5 years of them were without my mom by my side. The school was amazing after losing my mother like that, they did everything they could for me.

If you still go to school and you lose someone that close to you, please tell a teacher, head of your year or anyone who can help you in time of need. For me, there were a few days after losing my mom were I could not handle being in school and paying attention to my classes. But because I had someone to go to, I was able to go home, get the notes and homework later, without getting in any trouble.

During my graduation all the people I love were there; my dad, my two brothers, my boyfriend and my best friends. My coach, that I had for the final year, spoke a few words about every student that was graduating. When it was my turn, she mentioned how proud everyone of my school and class were of me for graduating. I graduated after 6 years and that was the ‘usual’ time for the VWO degree as we call it in the Netherlands. I felt really special that day and got hugs from teachers who supported me through the hardest period of my school career.

Having that person that can take care of school problems or just someone to talk to when you are feeling down at school, can make all the difference. It helped me in so many ways which I cannot explain through words.

Please know, talking to a teacher or coach is not seeking attention. It is seeking the support that you need in order to continue your life without falling apart.

And if sometimes, you do fall apart, that’s okay too.



My beautiful brothers and I after my graduation ceremony

One thought on “Milestones

  1. Your achievement is admirable, despite the circumstances! It really is amazing how you carry yourself with grace, even after experiencing possibly the most painful thing in life. keep it going girl!

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